Flight Volunteer

Thank you taking a closer look at understanding what it means to become a flight buddy volunteer. Without flight volunteers our international rescue dogs are unable to obtain a flight to the U.S. We can find them, get them medical attention and into boarding, find them homes or fosters and change their story from one of fighting for survival to living happily ever after, but without a flight volunteer they remain in boarding unable to begin their new lives here in the U.S. Currently there are many dogs waiting for a flight and we as rescuers take turns accepting flights based on what city the dog needs to be flown. There are many flights filled with passengers arriving to the U.S. but sadly many people either are unaware of the need, they don't understand how easy it is to do or they simply feel that dogs are not safe or sanitary and they prefer to avoid helping them.

If you are planning a trip to Turkey please consider agreeing to be a flight volunteer and saving a life!

We would also like to mention that your flight to Turkey is just as valuable to us if you will agree to allow us to return empty crates along with you. Crates are an outrageous expense in Turkey and it is cost effective for us to cover the expense of sending them back with you. We will have someone help with check-in and on the other end ready to receive them.

One last thing, domestic flight volunteers are also very useful. Often times we have a domestic rescue that can not travel “cargo" (flying unaccompanied) due to weather extremes. If you agree to be their flight volunteer they check in at the airport with you indoors (we are there to do everything necessary) and avoid the temperature regulations. Dogs flying “cargo” leave from a separate facility and can sometimes wait outside to board for an extended amount of time thus the inability to fly if temperatures do not permit. They all fly under the airplane but it is a matter of where they wait for the flight.

***Please contact us for more information or use the links provided to reach the Flight Volunteer sites that we use to search for available flight volunteers.