Step 1 - Application for Foster


US APPLICANTS: On June 10, 2022, the CDC provided revisions to the US rabies ban. As such, we have begun accepting applications from US applicants for all dogs posted on our website (unless specified as Canadian adoption only) The process will be slow as there are many additional requirements and steps for us to complete before a dog can be admitted into the US. The ports of entry we will be able to use will also be limited due to the new entry requirements.

Please keep in mind that these pups will not be arriving in the US until later this fall as their titer results become available and our only option for a port of entry will be JFK at this time. This will also be dependent on availability at the ARK for their health examination and rabies revaccination along with airline availability. We strongly prefer and request that all adopters make arrangements in order to be at the port of entry to pick up their pup. In some cases, we MAY be able to assist with further domestic transport via Alaska Airlines Cargo.

CANADIAN APPLICANTS: Due to the CFIA’s ban that will be implemented on September 28, 2022, unfortunately we are no longer able to accept adoption applications for our pups coming from Turkey. At this time only our domestic rescues (US shelter dogs) will be available for Canadian adoption to the Vancouver area ONLY due to transport limitations.

ALL APPLICANTS: Applicants are contacted once vet and landlord references have been completed. If submitting an application over the weekend, you may not hear back from the adoption team until the next 1-2 business days. Vet references must show complete and accurate history for the lifetime of your pet and ALL clinics visited must be listed along with their contact information. If you are unable to grant us access to your records or are unable to show a complete history for each pet, we will not be able to proceed in processing your application.

** In order to avoid delays in processing your application, please ensure to leave an authorization on file with your vet/landlord references prior to submitting an application.

Thank you for supporting our rescue mission!

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