Step 1 - Application for Foster

Thank you for having an interest in fostering a rescue dog from us. Although the application may seem lengthy please know that it is necessary in order to ensure the safety and happiness for the dog as well as provide you with circumstances that you may have forgotten to consider in deciding to foster We ask that you keep in mind that many of these dogs may be coming from foreign countries and there is no way for us to know what they may have had to endure or how they have been treated Because of this you must be willing to give them time to adjust to your household and our way of life here in the U S. If you are unwilling to take on this responsibility then one of these dogs might not be the right choice for you Please also consider any upcoming events, vacations, long term leaves of absence, relocations, financial changes or a change in family dynamics etc these might interfere with a proper introduction and the required amount of time that will be needed to help your new dog adjust to your home and routine Please also understand that your dog must be spayed or neutered prior to being in the company of an animal of the opposite sex that has not been spayed or neutered and preferable within the first two weeks of arrival if they will be with you for an undetermined amount of time. If for some reason you do not feel this is doable or reasonable based on how the adjustment period IS going you must discuss this concem with us. It is also mandatory that this dog be given a microchip if we have not already arranged for one prior to the adoption This will be provided by us, however you will be responsible for getting them to a clinic to have it done.

We want to personally thank you a ong with the long list of rescuers, clinics, transporters, fosters, flight companions, and everyone that helped with the fundraising. It takes a team of people committed to saving lives to bring these dogs home and you are providing them with a safe place to adjust, while learning some basic training necessary to ensure that they will have a successful transition into their forever homes. You are a valuable link for these tattered paws with golden hearts

Thank you!

Tattered Paws and Golden Hearts Rescue
Washington Non-profit corporation, EIN 0985794
4232 Spring Creek Ln
Belllingham, WA 98226

26. This dog may not be left unattended outside in a yard where it would be easily accessible to strangers, tied up outside a public location such as a store or on a sidewalk. It may not ride in the back Of a truck or other open vehicle without a locking canopy or similar secure covering Dogs are often being stolen and used as bait dogs, purposely injured in order to obtain medication, sold on sites for money and for many other unbelievable reasons.